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Author Topic: diabetes is a horrible, horrible disease  (Read 13164 times)


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Re: diabetes is a horrible, horrible disease
« Reply #45 on: March 07, 2006, 01:12:21 pm »

Book report:
I read the pH Miracle weight loss book (only one I could borrow) and was not impressed. The whole concept seems to have a hidden (possibly PETAoid) agenda. There were little slips of fact (no, seitan is not made of beans, silos don't hold grain). And all those green drinks...I priced that stuff and said NO. I AM considering pH somewhat though, and getting more water.

Bernstein, OTOH...the more I read the more PISSED I am getting.  I am reading SO MUCH that makes sense, that my doctor didn't tell me. I don't know if it was laziness or bad training. One thing is for sure...I'm starting to conclude that the ADA wants to wipe out diabetes like the NRA wants to wipe out gun control.  Just for starters: dental infections are a sign of high blood sugars, and they in turn raise blood sugars. So why the hell don't dentists spend $100 or less on a glucometer and screen everyone who comes in for a root canal? High sugars actually harm beta cells, so why, since normal sugar is 80-100 are people saying, "Oh 120 is OK, even 140 isn't too high....I'm not going to push the panic button unless you go over 200."  They don't tell you that stuffing yourself even with good low-carb food (hell, even with sawdust) will make your sugar go up higher than the carbs involved would explain. They didn't tell me why sugars are higher at waking than when you go to bed, about delayed stomach-emptying, about why glycemic index is not terribly useful (it's all going to raise sugar anyway, and they don't test that stuff with diabetics anyway, as it would probably kill them.) Then there was the guy they hooked to a glucose drip and gave him some huge dose (70 units IIRC) of insulin and added glucose as necessary to keep his BS took a WEEK to work through it. So much, even on right ways to check your sugar (I have a hard time getting enough blood in the morning).

It's pretty hard to do the Bernstein thing all the way...his carb recommendations make Robert Atkins sound like a spokesman for Twinkies. It makes sense though.  I'm losing a little weight, and the sugars are going down. I just wish I had read Bernstein 5 years ago.
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