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What kinds of things are to be posted here?


I've been lurking in this section for a little while and hope to be able to help other writers with their works. 

However, I do wonder if there are any guidelines to what is to be posted. I have a non-fiction work that I'm fiddling with and a mystery. Are these valid articles to be posted for comment?



You're about the third person to ask for writers' guidelines in a fairly short time. Maybe I should write up a sticky.

Since its inception, the Writer's Block has existed without rules and without mishap.  Some wonderful material has been posted here that got a lot of attention, and some horrible material has been posted here that wandered unremarked and unlamented into the back pages.  (mostly my poetry.)  So far we're getting along pretty well sans règlement.

Basically, if I can post poetry here without the admins turning my picture to the wall, there's not much you can't do.  It would, of course, be best if your fiction or non-fiction was relevant to the purpose of the board.  But there's no rule that it must be.

Hey!  I can make this a sticky!  Problem solved.

Dan D. Doty:
 Well, since is my first post, this nice to know. :threesome:

Mr. Dare:
:laugh: I should have figure you for a Vogon plant! Freakin' hilarious! Ford, You're turning into a penguin, STOP IT! Ok, I'm done now, just couldn't let an HHGTTG reference go by unsaluted :laugh:


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