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Author Topic: Surly Bonds  (Read 1232 times)


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Surly Bonds
« on: July 18, 2005, 06:28:06 pm »

When did I wake up? I had no idea, laying on my cot in the hangar, warm sunbeam through my eyelids turning my universe a soothing warm reddish glow. Still somewhat unused to the idea of waking unafraid for my immediate future and that of my little sis, I listened carefully before opening my eyes.
   The yard hands hadn't yet started working, and a light breeze rustled the tall grass behind the sheet metal hangar. Some birds were holding a morning jam session in the rafters and my sister snored softly from her own cot. I opened my eyes and sighed in relief, for if this was a dream, I hadn't yet awakened.
   My hands were stiff and sore, various cuts and scrapes told stories of difficult pulls and cantankerous componentry, and I know I'd left a not inconsiderable portion of myself on several airplanes, including my own.
   Oh, yeah. The Cub rested on its gear in the hangar, camouflaged against casual snoops. A fortnight of after-hours labor had brought her to this level and we knew there'd be much more to do. Most of the parts were easy to find, and the fuselage was essentially undamaged, having been placed here for storage after Homeland Security had banned private flight.
   Sam studiously avoided this hangar, muttering something about 'plausible deniability', and occasionally letting slip occasional wisdom in a conversational manner. With his indirect help I determined the fabric to be somewhat aged but serviceable, the wings had been removed for storage, and the engine 'pickled', which I assume to be some sort of preservative treatment.
   To be honest, Lucy had surprised even me, taking over the accounting and recordkeeping duties in Sam's office. Not only had she completely turned around Sam's office, she now had Level Two access to the 'net. (since the Moratorium, only Government, Educational Facilities, and UN offices could assign network privileges).
   Sam was able to serve a decent breakfast, as he had little use for his official Facility chit allowance otherwise, using the assigned credits to gain a few luxuries for his crew. Work started at 0730 every morning for six days, ending at 1630. Lunch and breaks were taken at the worker's discretion, and evenings and Sundays were free. I put this time to good use, rarely going into the City proper anymore. The Cub called, to the Cub the Fence was nothing. As for the City 'defenses', I placed my trust firmly in Lucy's budding computer skills.
   It had been a long time since I'd dared to hope.  
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