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Author Topic: The Mother of Conspiracy Theories  (Read 4259 times)


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The Mother of Conspiracy Theories
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2005, 07:40:09 pm »

Yeah - Maryann!!


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The Mother of Conspiracy Theories
« Reply #16 on: May 26, 2005, 01:22:35 am »

A. Mary Ann (Aside - I had been waiting for years to send my daughter to the film actors boot camp. Now that she has turned 18, it looks like that is no longer being presented.)
B. (1) The driver shot Kennedy. William Cooper promoted this theory. And, from much research I have seen, it is plausible. Even if incorrect, the one thing that it made me pay attention to was the fact that after the first shot was fired, the driver slowed the car. Why? There were other Secret Service agents whose job was to protect the prez, his was to drive the car. When he heard a shot fired, he should have tromped on the gas and got the hell out of there, not slowed down to make a better target.
B (2) 'splain this, Hoocy, Charles Cabell in 1953 was appointed deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In this job he was involved in organizing the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is also believed that Cabell was involved in developing plans to assassinate Fidel Castro. He was one of those whom Kennedy gave the boot. His brother Earle Cabell was elected mayor of Dallas in May 1961. It has been claimed that Earle rerouted the motorcade at the last minute to take it through Dealey Plaza. The original route did not go through the plaza, because of the sharp turn which would cause the motorcade to slow down.
The Mayor is the Problem
The flagpole is the answer
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We can hang another one

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Dear Government
You are a ass shit.

A note from my younger son when he was 3.

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The Mother of Conspiracy Theories
« Reply #17 on: May 26, 2005, 01:35:39 am »

Not a coup de tau. Mob and Castro.
The mob and Castro work for the CIA, just as does al Qaeda. Think on such things.....


Why do you believe that al qaeda works for the CIA?

Because everyone works for the CIA, except the banksters for whom the CIA works. :)

First part of 1979 -- Brzezinski tells Carter that if CIA were to be inserted into Kabul and asked to destablize it, the Russian military would be drawn into Russia's "Viet Nam". Carter gives the finding. Six months later, USSR invades with uniformed troops. That was when the "Let's create al Qaeda" drive began. CIA went to Osama bin Laden's daddy in Saudi Arabia and hired him to build "guerrilla training camps" in Afghanistan - paid Saudi Bin Laden Construction Co. a pile of money to do that. Meanwhile, about thirty thousand of Osama's buddies were recruited by CIA to study Jihad in those camps, and Osama bin Laden was one of their "natural-pecking-order" leaders. CIA wrote the manual for Jihad and taught that manual in those camps throughout the campaign of resistance to the Russian (USSR) military presence. Al Qaeda was thereby mostly formed, trained, and armed to fight the USSR troops. Our beloved CIA worked closely with them for years until the Russians departed officially, at which time CIA backed out of those guerrilla training camps, but kept contacts on-going with the al Qaeda fanatics they had trained. Since CIA answers to no one but the White House, who answers only to the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England and its network of privately-held central banks scattered around the world, we are not privy to much historic detail which we'd dearly like to have.

However, thanks to quite a few very good insider authors such as Victor Marchetti, Bob Woodward,  John D. Marks, Jim Hougan, Jonathan Kwitny, and etc, we know the modus operandi of CIA well enough to figure out and fill in some missing pieces of the puzzle. When you get into the stand-down of the Air Force and NORAD and everything pertinent to NEADS for the morning of 911, and we look at those five wargame drills which involved pilot-less military aircraft and the insertion of false "hijack blips" onto FAA's and NORAD's radar screens, and Bush having seen the first plane hit the first tower on CIA television and etc and etc, we realize that al Qaeda operatives under direct FBI and CIA surveillance had been training at secure U.S. military installations for quite some time before 911, we begin to surmise that CIA was involved in some role with the use of those 19 "hijackers". I'm still researching the validity of Patrick B. Briley's report to the 911 Commission, and you'll likely hear me shout once I get his info pinned down - but it appears that the FBI and CIA arranged for all of those "terrorists" to be in this country, train at military installations, so that they could then become the patsies on whom to blame the events of 911. I doubt that Osama bin Laden himself even knew that Cheney would be disabling the entire NEADS on that morning, and I doubt that Cheney felt Osama had a "need to know" that part of the operation. Bush did not lie - he did see that plane hit the first tower, even though it was not televised until the next day, September 12, 2001. He saw it on CIA closed-circuit, as it was being broadcast from Cheney's command and control bunker which was a Secret Service and CIA center. I think part of that command center was on the 23rd floor of WTC-7, which is why Silverstein and FDNY conveniently decided to "pull it", thereby getting rid of the evidence of their control over pilotless aircraft that morning.

But to answer your question without rambling, Castro was once a CIA asset. Noreiga was once a CIA asset. Pinochet was once a CIA asset. Thieu and Ky and others in SE Asia were once CIA assets. In fact, Ho Chi Minh was once a OSS (predecessor to CIA) asset during WWII. Saddam Hussein was once a CIA asset. The Shah of Iran was once a CIA asset. The list is lengthy. Things are not what they seem, but as a CIA agent told me last year very emphatically, "Perception is everything!" The bastards know this, hence their control over the CFR, which in turn controls the American mass media. The mass media is a "perception machine" which generates mass mental imagery which is useful to CIA's black and overt ops in foreign "policy". (And FBI's domestic policy, now of course rendered into Homeland Security.)

"Heirs to self-knowledge shed gently their fears..."
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