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Author Topic: Rumors from the Cold  (Read 1640 times)


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Rumors from the Cold
« on: May 31, 2005, 10:30:33 pm »

I was sitting with a friend today
A man I’ve loved for years.
He sat in the dark, and wrung his hands
And I watched him fight back tears.

He said, “I can’t go outside any more
Don’t know what’s happ’ning there.
‘Cause terrorists are all around
In the streets and in the air.

“They say the ocean level’s rising,
That pollution’s a lost cause;
And the only thing’ll save us
Is another round of laws.

“And all we have to go on
Are the things that we are told
By the people in the newsrooms
And the rumors in the cold.

“I’m just an old and tired man
Who once was young and strong.
My worn out heart is filled with fear
At all I’ve seen go wrong.

“What a curse it’s been to live so long
When life has grown so hard!
We thought the future would be bright.
How’d it get so torn and scarred?”

I said, “I’ve no answers for you,
But I know that there’s no cause
To sit crying in the darkness
And asking for more laws.

“And we don’t have to go on
All the things that we are told
By the liars in the newsrooms
Or the rumors in the cold.

“The men who did this to us
Will not set it right, I’m sure.
A liar’s not a hero, friend.
A disease is not a cure.

“Set aside these things you fear
And get up on your feet
The young and strong man you once were
Wouldn’t stand for such defeat.

“Don’t listen to the warnings
Of these pious men, so pure
‘Cause they’re the ones who are the plague
And the lampposts are the cure.

“And then we will not go on
Anything that we are told
From the dark and empty newsrooms
Or the silence from the cold.”
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