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Author Topic: School is not Cool  (Read 1848 times)


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School is not Cool
« on: April 15, 2005, 11:43:34 am »

Somewhere there were buses that said "School is Cool."  Hey, if it were true, then they wouldn't have to say it, would they?

I'm sure ya'll recall the one about the principal who defended students sexually assaulting a special ed girl and recording it (which the principal "found" somehow and played it for the entire faculty, telling teachers not to call the girl's parents and then to tell the dad not to call the cops).  For those who need a refresher:

But as evil as I think he is, it's possible that the principal really was concerned about the self-esteem of all the students.  For example, when children felt guilty about helping to drive a fellow classmate to suicide, the principal worked to help the kids overcome their guilt (so that they wouldn't learn any better):
Likewise, PURPLE is now preferred to RED in grading papers because of self-esteem:
Though I must admit, I don't know how THIS helps self-esteem:
(Be sure to catch the kid busted for "threatening" his school with an invasion of zombies!  We should come up with a Stupid Schools Award, really.  Something akin to the Darwin awards, only the schools get more money as their failure show they "need" it.)
Or how THIS preserves self-esteem (and ask yourselves what would've happened if PARENTS did that):
But that preschooler might've had it easy.... compare to THIS:
What amazes me the most is that a WOMAN approved that policy.
You know, a school around here solved the same problem with the restrooms by only allowing one girl and boy from each class to go at a time.  The students themselves deal with those who abuse those passes.
I can only conclude that if these educators reported on in that link aren't complete morons, then they HATE kids.  Maybe that's why they got into education?  It sure wasn't to boost their self-esteem.  (Hmmm.... you know, protecting self-esteem in other ways COULD be a diabolical plan to cause pain and suffering to their wards later on.....)
Then, natch, is the incident above, too.  Though MAYBE the principal wanted to preserve the self-esteem of the boys from being arrested for their vile act (and possibly suffering a similar crime, much as a 12-year-old boy was raped after being put in a cell of older teens after he was busted for writing a story with a gun in it).  Not to mention the girl's self-esteem who was raped by not letting anyone (other than the entire school) know.  I wouldn't be surprised if the one teacher that helped gets blackballed over it, her career ruined for her good deed.
Stupidity or malevolence, I suppose it's the same though.  :(   In any case, what an education.
And schools may love snitches, but look what happened to a student who merely caught an assinine teacher on cam and broadcasted to the public:
So much for that boy's self-esteem.  But at least we know schools won't tolerate snitches.  Again, do they hate their wards?  Here's another one:
But.... just be glad that no one was getting footage when schools protected self-esteem  of students by pulling up the dresses of girls in front of everyone to make sure they weren't wearing skimpy thong panties:
Too bad parents didn't get violent over THAT.  :angry:

Yet... schools ARE worried about the growing lack of respect for their profession and the increasing rates of violence by parents against them (though they're attacking each other, too, let alone what they're doing to their victims, er, students).  But they can't ask WHY this is happening in any way that causes them to reflect on their own actions.  Responsibility is for students, not them.  <_<

I'm not in it anymore and I'm not going to put anyone in that beast.  But I'm still getting way fed up over this.  :angry:
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School is not Cool
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2005, 11:57:14 am »

I think it would be nice to have an underground railroad to help these poor slaves escape their drudgery and fowl treatment. And sort of a place where these wayward boys and girls could grow to be healthy outlaws.


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School is not Cool
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2005, 12:20:50 pm »

I'm all for it.  They can stop at my home anytime.

I just get so f---in mad when I see this crap.  I'm seething right now, at the thought of these different stories and insanity going around.
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