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California to mandate background checks to buy ammunition from 1 July


I don't think anyone here lives in California, but if anyone does I hope he/she has stocked up on gun ammo.

What do you think the chances of this idea spreading over the entire country are?


California will require background checks for all ammunition purchases starting July 1, expanding their collection of strict gun laws.
The California Department of Justice will begin cross-referencing the data of potential ammunition buyers in California’s own databases to determine buyers’ eligibility before purchasing ammunition, as a result of requirements imposed by the 2016 Proposition 63 initiative, Fox 11 reported on Wednesday.

Those who are matched in the system are deemed eligible buyers and are permitted to purchase ammunition with a $1 processing fee. California processes approximately 13.2 million ammunition purchases annually, and most buyers are expected to already exist in California’s database.


it will spread to wherever it can. the hoplophobes, fudds and gun grabbers will have to get the reloaders too. It's incremental since 1934.  They have the schools from k-12 and up, the msm and half the population. It shouldn't take them more than a generation to completely disarm america.

Bill St. Clair:

--- Quote from: jamie on June 29, 2019, 11:02:27 pm ---It shouldn't take them more than a generation to completely disarm america.

--- End quote ---

They'd love that. Ain't gonna happen. The gun culture is still strong.


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