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Author Topic: mandatory speed limiters, "like having an armed gov't worker built into yr car"  (Read 841 times)


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These things have been mandated by the EU, and, as the article points out, there are various reasons why this will soon be mandated in America.  I just love their analogy of "the AGW is built into your car".  You might be thinking that as this is only in new cars, and you don't have a new car and are not planning on getting one in the near future, you have to admit that soon every car that is new now will become an affordable used car, and soon after that EVERY car on the market will be fitted with a speed limiter.

 just got some first-hand experience of what many of you soon will speed limit assist in plainer language, automated speed limit enforcer which is a new feature (as these things are styled) of the new BMW Im test driving this week.
This is the tech just mandated by the EU to be installed in all new cars sold there by the 2022 model year which tech is all-but-certain to be coming here, too for reasons Ive already written about at length but which come down to manufacturing considerations as much as political ones.



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