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Author Topic: What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law  (Read 10855 times)


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Re: What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2018, 08:10:33 am »

Great stories ML.  I'll share with my wife who still hasn't taken the next step of actually carrying a gun with her at all times.  She enjoys shooting and I keep training with her but she still doesn't feel comfortable enough having it with her.

Did you ever read the book I wrote about it? "I Am NOT A Victim"  I'll send the pdf free to anyone who asks for it in email.

As for feeling comfortable... You might ask her if she was perfectly "comfortable" the first - or the 100th time she drove a car, carried a baby in her arms, lots of things.  The only way to get comfortable with something so vital is to practice it, embrace it and live with it. Eventually it becomes a part of you and you don't worry about any small "discomfort." A close encounter where she needs one will probably convince her to accept the little inconvenience.  If she survives, of course.  If I had not carried that gun to the door... I'd be dead now. That's all the reason I need to carry. :)
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