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They Killed Our President

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S. Jester:
Before we get to the meat of this post, I want to say the following:

There will be many who may decry this book is a: "weird conspiracy theory" book. And by Jesse Ventura, who is considered (unfortunately) by many to be a kook, despite being a Special Forces type soldier in the Marines, I think they call theirs "Force Recon", as well as a wrestler, that went on to become a Governor for Minnesota. I don't think one can do all that without having some smarts. Besides, a conspiracy can be defined as plan made and carried out by two or more people. Jesse goes into this at the beginning of the book.

Over the years as I've learnt more and more details about Oswald and his gun. I've heard long ago that the Mannlicher Carcano bolt action rifle used by him is a piece of junk. Once I've heard that, I knew that Oswald couldn't have shot Kennedy.

With this book I've learned the much more in-depth details surrounding the shootings. Such as Kennedy having been shot from the front, not up and behind him. That the route through Dealy Plaza was a "last minute" change. The reports of two shots being almost a top of one another, which is not possible with a bolt action rifle. The Carcano model is reputed to be hard to work the bolt quickly.

The book is very well researched with many sources, other books written not only by eyewitnesses, those in the know, other researchers, experts of all types as well as those who found inconsistencies in the various "reports".

One thing Ventura goes into is the motives of the various peoples, and there are many. For instance, I've found that Kennedy was hated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which for those of you who don't know, are the various heads of the militaries, and by the intelligence agencies. I've read that Kennedy once walked out of one such meeting about making a First Strike, muttering to his Secretary of State "And we call ourselves the Human Race". Which made me believe we came pretty damned close, not just once, but twice(that we know of).

Since this is history now, why is this important? If they can do this to a sitting President (and a pretty popular one at that) and get away with it, what would they do with anyone they don't like? Trump may not have to worry since he is using the military and the intelligence agencies for protecting the border. But there are those within who would be very happy to see him sixed. Also, what else would they do?

I enjoyed reading the book, but I admit that I probably wouldn't have read it if I hadn't got the cheaper kindle copy, but then again I might have, since it goes into details about the assassination.


Not my "president." No better than any other politician, and worse than a lot of them.

S. Jester:
Yeah, but no matter how bad Kennedy was, he wanted to make peace or at least broker a truce with Russia, and wanted to pull the U.S. out of Vietnam. Had he been able to follow through, it would have saved a lot of lives. Of course it doesn't mean he was good.

Besides, the book does feel like a thriller at times and the audaciousness of some of this stuff is at times unbelievable.


if   we   dig   deeper...I  think    Jesse   Ventura   was   U.S.Navy    SEAL..../   they   were  /   are  /   serious   bad   a's..../   met   a  few   when   I   was   on   active   duty..../   I   was   a L.R.R.P.   /   long   range recon  ----USARMY   /   Ranger...Paratrooper....general   dumb-ass..../    JFK   was   instrumental   in   us   being   more   involved   in   Vietnam..../   for  the   record....we   had   OSS   operators   in   French   Indochina   { RVN  }   from   1943   on   to   convince   Ho-chi-minh   to   fight   against   the   Japanese     w/promise    to   keep   French   out   after   the   war....we   know   how   that   lie   went....the   VIET-MINH   kicked   the   French's   ass   in   1954   at   Dien  bien  phu....

Tahn L.:
From what I have read, L.R.R.P./ Rangers were some pretty bad a's themselves.

I have always liked Ventura.

I am saddened by what America did in Indochina and the tremendous loss to the people there and to our own Son's and Brothers.


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