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"Show me your papers" becomes "open your eyes"


"Function creep"?  Starts out "identifying unauthorised immigrants", quickly becomes "identifying everyone"?


Thirty-one sheriffs, representing every county along the U.S.-Mexico border, voted unanimously on April 3 to adopt tools that will capture, catalogue, and compare individuals’ iris data, for use both in jails and out on patrol. Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies, the company behind the push, has offered the sheriffs a free three-year trial, citing law enforcement’s difficulties in identifying unauthorized immigrants whose fingerprints can be disfigured through manual labor or self-inflicted wounds.
Iris recognition is just the latest surveillance technology helping fortify what the White House hopes will make up a “digital wall,” a concept that many border sheriffs view as less intrusive than Trump’s envisioned 30-foot barricade stretching from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California.


But with Trumps wall, we can add solar panels to the top of them, and now have another power source .

Ah yes, Trump. A "different" kind of politician. Spending our money on "different" tyranny and plain nonsense. Don't you just love it?


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