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Author Topic: provoking world war  (Read 878 times)


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provoking world war
« on: July 12, 2016, 10:06:22 am »

I have been watching the build-up, the attempts to provoke war with China and Russia for several years. The War Party's activities in the Middle East have gone so far over the top that there are few people outside the blanket of North American presstitute coverage who don't feel the USofA is the greatest threat to peace on Earth.

I finally assembled clips and links from the last year's activities into one article I published yesterday. The facts are out of sources both foreign and domestic. This stuff is really going on. The bullies are lining up along the border being as threatening as possible without firing the first shot ... so far.

I can hardly believe the Russians and Chinese can afford for the USofA to fire the first round, but how can they know when that is imminent?

Anyway, here is the first few sentences and a link:

Those dang Russians are provoking war. I mean, look at where they put their country… right smack dab in the middle of thousands of US troops, sailors, NATO troops, war machines, small-medium-large armaments, and nuclear missile launchers.

I have been watching in horror as The War Party, (aka: the military industrial complex, aka: the Ds and Rs, aka: the new world order, aka: the psychopaths and sociopaths) constantly and continually provoke Russia and China with trade wars, monetary wars, and military threats. At some point the targets will no longer be able to wait for the lunatics in charge to launch their attacks.

The next day, what is left of our world will be unrecognizable.

I want you to find the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, the Sea of Japan, Estonia, Turkey, Norway, Latvia, Syria, Finland, Iraq, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and South Korea on the map. These are the places recently militarized and reinforced by US and NATO forces....

how to trigger nuclear armageddon/
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