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Author Topic: Very few flies  (Read 3661 times)


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Very few flies
« on: May 03, 2016, 09:04:26 pm »

This summer we have had hardly any houseflies, in fact no problem with insect invasions at all.

A couple of years ago I bought an electric "fly zapper" to hang in the kitchen.  I cleaned it and packed it away at the end of summer 2014/15 and didn't even get it out, let along connect it this year.  The few flies that were about could just be swatted out of the way.

What is it like for insect infestations in the Northern Hemisphere?


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Re: Very few flies
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 05:23:39 am »

What is it like for insect infestations in the Northern Hemisphere?

Oh, don't I wish!!  We always have lots of flies, several different kinds and sizes here, due to lots of horses and a cattle holding area to the west during the winter. Sometimes in the warm weather I kill several dozen in a single day. I use diluted rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to kill most of them on the windows inside. I hate flies and can't rest until they are all dead.

We don't have too many other insect problems right here where I live except grasshoppers after a mild winter. I already have plenty of them in the yard and garden this year. Yellowjacket wasps nest in the darnedest places here, and I don't really like to kill them because they don't damage anything, but once in a while they just get too numerous and I start hunting nests. Carburetor cleaner does the best job...

The worst pest in my yard and garden the last two years has been field mice, voles. They have seriously damaged a lot of plantings and, so far, nothing seems to control them.
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Re: Very few flies
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2016, 10:22:41 pm »

The ticks are bad this year. It seems like every time I walk the dog, I find one crawling on me. No bitters so far.
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