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Of course, all states have their positives and negatives. Hopefully reading some of the experiences of others who are familiar with Wyoming will help you formulate an opinion that is works for you.

For example, Destin has some negative experiences unfortunately. Perhaps he will utilize this specific area to coordinate his thoughts:

--- Quote from: Destin Faruda on June 21, 2015, 12:48:31 pm ---I'm doing it specifically to warn potential other movers.  See, most of the other freestate boys and girls I knew who ARE YOUNG (at least as young as I am, or younger) have ALL run off.  Moved out of state, or out of country (I know one personally.)

People burn A LOT OF MONEY moving out here.  Wyoming is cheap rent, but cheap rent plus long travel distances, plus  hostile locals plus low local incomes and businesses unwilling to spend money except with their cousin's cousin's daughter... well, that's a recipe for disaster... financial disaster.
--- End quote ---

And by all means share your positive experiences, as well! :)

Hey Moonie

You could do this with every state.

I am sure those who feel inclined will do so. I was hoping to be helpful, for Destin specifically, but for all those who would like to share their personal experiences of Wyoming. [I also happen to be one of those individuals who loves/appreciates/needs strong organization! :laugh: ]

From a discussion over here: https://thementalmilitia.com/forums/index.php?topic=35135.30

--- Quote from: Destin Faruda on June 25, 2015, 05:14:15 pm ---Wanna buy my house?  You're probably one of those guys who'd LOVE IT here.  After all, you can shoot guns to your heart's content.  I'll sell for the price I paid for it, and land and outbuildings, won't even charge extra for reflooring the place and putting in wood flooring instead of that ratty carpet people put into homes of all shapes and sizes out here (carpets load up fast out here, regardless of how much you steam them... the dirt/dust/mud that drags even if you leave your shoes at the entrance... is atrocious.)  Carpet is the second dumbest thing anyone living outside the big cities can possibly do...  All taxes paid and I'll be out in three months... interested?  They're selling lots out here for 15 to 16 grand, water, sewer, covenants not enforced (because the busiest of our "code enforcement" busy-body neighbors built the wrong kind of building so enforcing anything would have THEM out on their asses first, I would lose a few grand on this and that, they'd lose house and home... hah!) and we ARE out in the county, so at least, none of the city zoning bullshit applies to us.

--- End quote ---

I'll give you my take on Wyoming...

I moved to Lander in 2012 and can honestly say that it's the best place I've ever lived.  The taxes are lower than anywhere else I've ever lived.  There are a few more "red blooded Americans" here than anywhere else I've ever lived.  The gun laws are great.  The hunting and fishing is great.  The homeschooling laws are pretty darn good.  The economy is (comparatively) strong.  It is sunny and dry most of the time...

While I do love Wyoming, it is not some libertarian/anarchist paradise.  Most people that I meet are either Democrats or Republicans...with capital letters.  Most Republicans don't hold Republican politicians accountable, so a bunch of country club, federal government-groveling neocons run our state. (The year after I moved here our county sales tax went up by 1% and the state gas tax went up 10 cents.) Lander happens to be a fairly liberal town that seems to get progressively more so each day.  I'm in construction, and the public schools I have worked in are covered in pro-LGBT posters.  The local, county, and state governments are extremely bloated with corporate tax dollars.  The local police force has received dozens of M16s and a couple of humvees from the military.  In many ways, Wyoming is not that different from most other places I've lived.

Since moving here, I've had a feeling that within a few years, Wyoming will look very different.  The younger generation here is the same as the younger generation anywhere else, and, once the older generation fades away, this place will change in a hurry - think Colorado but with a low population much more susceptible to rapid demographic shift.  I sincerely hope that's not the case, but I think it's likely enough that I have begun looking at Alaska and a couple of other countries as serious candidates for relocation in the future.  To be fair, I think that most of my complaints about Wyoming could be leveled anywhere.  The fact that Wyoming still has low taxes and good gun laws is a testament to the state.  If 1990 Wyoming had held sway, the place would be heaven on Earth.  As it is, it's still better than anywhere else I've lived.

Regarding Free State Wyoming, I was an enthusiastic participant on the forum for a while back in 2010.  I soured on the organization for a few reasons in December of that year, and it didn't factor into my decision to move here in 2012.  I have really drifted away from the organization since it became clear that agnostics, atheists, and anarchists weren't particularly welcome on the forum, though I still comment from time to time.  I wouldn't have reservations about living in northeast Wyoming, but I would have reservations about joining Boston's inner circle.  Your mileage may vary...


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