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Author Topic: Another reason to fight back  (Read 1075 times)


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Another reason to fight back
« on: April 19, 2015, 10:27:30 pm »

INKSTER, MI — A horrific raw video has surfaced online showing police officers strangling an innocent man and pounding the man’s head over and over again.

The incident began when Floyd Dent was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Floyd said that during the traffic stop, cops planted drugs in his car.

Many people still think that cops would never do this — in reality, cops do it all the time.

The reason cops plant drugs on innocent people is because they can get career boosts and increase their arrest records back at the department.

Often, people of lower income and people who aren’t educated are targeted, because cops know that such people do not typically have the resources or wherewithal to pursue legal action after being framed.

Along with accusing Floyd of possessing drugs, cops dragged him from his vehicle and beat him on the street.


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Re: Another reason to fight back
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 11:55:47 pm »

Used to be they mostly nailed black dudes and off camera.  Then they did me.  Then they did other white dudes, and these are WHITE cops.

If Obama government people say its a "racial" or "financial disparity" thing... it isn't.  We now have equality in abuse accross the nation.  White, black, asian, rich, poor, middle class... they'll nail you for cash just the same.  Something's gotta give, and it'll be UGLY when it does.
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Re: Another reason to fight back
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2015, 08:36:58 pm »

The only time racism matters is when someones beliefs translate into them taking action against you physically against your person or property. Last time I checked the government was the all time leader in racially motivated crimes. USA..USA..USA..USA..USA..USA !!! The government uses peoples beliefs to divide and conquer the masses. If we are too busy being upset about race, money, religion, etc, we will not stand united, micturating on the corpse of the government.


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Re: Another reason to fight back
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2015, 12:39:13 pm »


So far as Racism…

I've come to the considered opinion that Everyone is Racist. Get over it and move on.

Now that doesn't mean that everyone Hates. It means that everyone Generalizes—some without realizing it—and as much as it galls those who are emotionally committed to the Thesis that we're all identical one millimeter below the surface of the skin—some Stereotypes are firmly rooted in Truth.

So far as laws—they have always appeared to me to be Equal Opportunity Haters…

But almost all of my run ins with the laws has been in Southern Indiana. Throw in Kentucky and the rest of Indiana and you have 98 or 99% of my encounters.

So many of y'all want to say:

"The laws are corrupt, hostile, evil and work under conditions of near total immunity and that explains their actions and motivations."

Sorry, but as true as the first part may be I don't think it adequately explains their MOTIVATION.

I wonder if many of them aren't broken.

I mean, take a sincere altruist. He joins the Police because he really wants to "Serve and Protect"…

How do I phrase this?

It is not so much that individual lawmen choose their own ends instead of working to "Serve and Protect"…

It is more like "Serve and Protect" is a null concept. No matter which side of the table you sit at, you can't rigorously define it—because like "The Greater Good" it simply does not exist. It cannot exist.

No one is more bellicose and bitter than a Disillusioned Idealist…

And such folk take their Dissatisfaction out on the public at large.

Reminds me of an Anime series that I watched recently. Japanese teenager has watched so many Zombie movies that he only gets turned on by the idea of making it with a Zombie girl.

Since neither "Society" or "Zombies" exist, being turned on solely by either is a one-way ticket to getting a prime case of the old blue balls—and we know how cranky that can make some folk…

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