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Author Topic: Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map  (Read 782 times)


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Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map
« on: June 13, 2012, 02:15:24 pm »

Very interesting indeed. Now we may see Pro-biotics as well as anti-biotics.

Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map
The Human Microbiome Project has catalogued the genetic identity of many bacteria, viruses and other organisms that live in intimate contact with us.

They are not germs that need eliminating but a fundamental part of what makes us human, researchers say.
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    I might have a different organism on my tongue than you do on your tongue but collectively they bring the same genes to the party..ö

Dr Bruce Birren Broad Institute of the MIT and Harvard

Yet until recently, little was known about the identity of trillions of the microbes populating our bodies.
'Beneficial bugs'

For centuries we could only investigate microbes that can survive in laboratories and study them in isolation - often one microbe at a time.

But with the advent of ever-improving techniques to sequence DNA, the Human Microbiome Project has been able to uncover microbes that have never been seen before and look at how they behave as communities.
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Re: Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2012, 05:43:22 am »

That is a term to search up.  Wired Magazine had a couple of articles about this a while back.  I think the subject came up on here in a thread too........ Probiotics or Pro-biotic   in realtion to yogurt/ raw dairy products?

I wonder how much of this milk intolerance stuff you hear lately is simply the fact that homogenized stuff doesn't allow the necessary helper bacteria to renew?
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