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Bill St. Clair:
I'm sick of deleting 20 spam messages a day from Wolfekipedia, so I have disabled registrations there. People with existing accounts can still post, but new accounts may not be created. I'll post in the "techie" forum how to do a registration. If you want to register, please post a request as a reply to this topic, including your desired username, and one of us will make your account, and send you your initial password via PM here on the forum.

Adventurer, Explorer, Inquiring Mind.:
Warning, french porn site above.  (links are pretty self explanatory, no need to click unless you want to)  Probably spyware and other crap too.

Could someone puhleaze nuke that bugger before a more curious and less savvy type stumbles to one of the links??  Danke.

Bill St. Clair:

da gooch:
I don't remember if I ever had a "membership"/registration. I was the very first poster with the definition of "TCFer" so you can see how long ago that was.

I rarely add anything over there so don't really need a registration.
Just rambling as it were.

Thanks for all You do around here Bill.

It is much appreciated.


--- Quote from: gooch on January 09, 2013, 11:32:56 am ---
Thanks for all You do around here Bill.

It is much appreciated.

--- End quote ---

Amen and +1

I have just never spent the time necessary to get acquainted much with the Wolfekpedia... So much to read... so little time.


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