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Cop hits civilian's car, frames her for DUI to cover up his involvement


But I note there is no accountability for the cops involved, but the woman faced three years in jail if they'd got away with it.


A woman had faced a DUI charges, but prosecutors dropped the case because they said there were potential problems with the police version of events.

Public humiliation for Hollywood police continued Wednesday as state prosecutors dropped criminal charges against a driver some officers tried to blame for a rear-end crash that may have been their fault.

As the four officers talked about what to do late one night in February, a video recorder in one of their cruisers captured their words.

After reviewing the video, Broward prosecutors opted Wednesday not to charge the female motorist because the recording had thrown the police version of events into question, State Attorney's Office spokesman Ron Ishoy said.

The 23-year-old Hollywood woman, who had been accused of drunken driving, could have gone to prison for close to three years had she been convicted as originally charged.

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Woah! Thatís news. I am going to share this post with my uncle because he just got out of trouble. He was caught driving after a couple of drinks. Thankfully, a good Los Angeles DUI lawyer helped in reducing his punishment. I guess, she would have also done something similar.


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