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Doctors "discover" 'death in custody' syndrome


Sudden death after arrest may be new syndrome

--- Quote ---Young men who die suddenly after being arrested by the police may be victims of a new syndrome similar to one that kills some wild animals when they are captured, Spanish researchers said on Tuesday.

Manuel Martinez Selles of Madrid's Hospital Gregorio Maranon reached the conclusion after investigating 60 cases of sudden unexplained deaths in Spain following police detention.
--- End quote ---


Hilarious. In a macabre sort of way, anyway. Sudden Prisoner Death Syndrome (SPeDS)? Spontaneous Human Strangulation (SHS)? Sudden loss of the will to live after being worked over with a rubber hose and a taser?

Mr. Dare:
Maybe there could be a pill for it? (tongue so far in cheek it is sticking out my freakin' ear)

So have they found a cure yet?



Well you know they say prevention is better that a cure.  So I say just stay away from cops.


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