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Author Topic: Some of my poetry  (Read 2030 times)


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Some of my poetry
« on: November 25, 2007, 09:59:28 pm »

Well actually, some are poems I turned into songs, but they're still poems right?  Anyway, that's why there's so many ... and - and drawnout or 'mis-spelled' words in the last two of them.  I spelt some like I sang them to help myself out.

Hope you enjoy. ;)


I am a warrior in chains
They hold me here, and why I scream doesn't matter
Metal cannot hear, nor would it care
Links to links
Link to ground
The ground of this place, a no place
Others may be exist,
But they offer no mercy
They'll never find me
Only I know this place
I, and these chains
Lonely sky and desert,
As far as my mind comprehends
Did I create this place of endless wait?
Or was it here before, and I sentenced
I know naught my term
And so, I wait for chains to rust
From rain that never falls
I am a warrior,
But this I cannot fight


We can't rest,
For we always listen
We hear every rustle in the forest
If it has but the slightest pattern we are alert
Creatures make none
It is only humans that have forgotten
Some time soon they will come
And we must be ready
Though we are tired,
We must not sleep
Even as we seek the peace of dreams,
We cannot close our eyes
Fear keeps us awake

The Problem

The problem is I exist too faint
My soul is slow, time and tears
And I flit right out of myself
To the timeless, forever eternity

I want to go somewhere real
Some place where I am whole
I want to know myself again

And be, where lines aren’t diagonal
So straight, yet leading nowhere
But the black hole in my mind
A place where all is nothing
No things of any kind
No light, not even darkness

I want to go somewhere real
Some place where I am whole
I want to know myself again

Cuz it’s been to long
The fight is hard but I won’t give in
This life’s all I got
I’ll defend it to the end


I walk alone now
The streets are full of color and noise
The vendors call out to me and block my way
But I smile and politely decline
I've no interest in their makeups and silks
My destination is the apothecary
Not for sweet perfumes
The ones I wear already choke my senses
I feel delirious from their stench
It is not for that I go,
But to buy his crimson flowers
I know their secrets
Ones he is so unaware of
Alas, such honest ignorance,
What peace it must be
These flowers possess greater purpose
Delicate petals make so potent a poison...

White Flower

I look upon a white flower
So beautiful,
So clean
Yet for me, how it offends
I wish it were red,
Stained with impurity
I need to see blood apon it's petals

And yet,
Sometimes I long to see it pure
Fragile, yet commanding,
Like a declaration of peace
Bold defying beauty
It is there I know,
Though I must wash my hands to see it


the storm is coming
there's nowhere to hide
no place to run to
you feel it gather energy
the wind whips you
such a cruel caress
lighting burns fire in the sky
and thunder screams,
for reasons of its own
you know its alive,
though it has no heart
it's wild exhileration,
yet no emotion
it passes over you
leaving now to return again
it has such power, but know
that same energy is within
if you only dared to look

Dark Priest

Dark priest
Dark priest
Lieing on your lap
Covered in my blood
Why'd you have to choose me?
So many willing to die,
And I one of the least
And as I die you ask me
Is there a heaven, and a hell?
What lies beyond?
What lies beyond?
And so I tell him,
Not because I care
I didn't want to die
But he's the only person there
There's nothing
There is nothing there at all
And he cries
Cold by the alter
He's sorry
But I don't care
He's someone to despise
Sending me to darkness
Afraid to go himself
And I ask why?
Why trust the make-believe?
These places are for the living to fear
God and Satan for the living
And I look into his eyes
But he looks away
Can't face what he's done
And the last words I say are calm
Hell is for the living,
You'll live there till you die

Girl in White

Don't trust that girl in white
Her smile is sweet
Her hair is blond and long
Her eyes are blue as a mountain stream

Don't trust that girl
Her lies sound like truthes
Her poison is in her perfume vial
Her blade lies under her dress

It's too late for you
You kiss her like you worship
You stroke her hair like the golden fleece
You searched her eyes and were drawn in

It's too late
You followed her off the cliff
You've been poisoned and you don't even know
You have a blade in your heart

I tried to warn you
But you thought women are weak
Truth is, they even don't need to be... among blind men


She stands before me..
No pu-pils in her eyes..
So it's true then...
Juuh-stice is blind
Or she'd see- that riches over right is wrong

I hope she's
It seems she doesn't hear the screams,
Of families gunned down

She cannot feel.
Or she'd touch the blood on the ground,
It's the murder of a homeless man.
No seems to care

No smelling either...
She doesn't know the stench of politicians,
They seed their fear.. and tend its growth with care...

No tasteing...
She'd know it isn't food,
It's just chemical imitations...

No... No...
She has no power in this world..
But who can blame her..
After all, she's just a statue.. and a beautiful idea!


Would you rather
Now that, all that you believed in,
All you knew as truth
Is just a

I know it's hard to accept,
And I wish some one had told you
But you wouldn't believe...
You haveta see it for yourself...

And will you try to block it out
Say that it's not so
Even though you though you know,
So deep inside...

That this life is cruel,
Undertheth the lies,
'Hind the glamor
There's so many dark secrets
And the people don't have a clue...

And will you try to stop it
Are you going to fight...
Give up staying normal
And join the few wanting right...

Cuz even many that know,
Aren't doing a thing
But sitting and whining
Well that's no subsitute...

Would you rather run, and
Living in the mountains so free..
Or are you going to tell
Of those deceptions...they

-  freethinker

People that spend all their time on facebook make me want to grab a nice big hard back and show their face what a real book looks like.

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Re: Some of my poetry
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2007, 06:24:22 am »

Very, very good freethinker.

I was going to name the ones I liked best, but as I reviewed them I saw it was more than half . . . . . .

I *very much* liked your phrase "riches over right."  Is that your own?  Very, very well said.

Sic semper tyrannis, baby!    - Joel Simon

As much as we may not want to consider it, we must have a mindset that enables us to do instant and devastating violence in defense of self and/or loved ones.   -Dave Champion

It's not unusual to run into folks in the internet that are dense enough to have event horizons.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November . . . .

Don't mistake my silence for weakness - no one plans a murder out loud.


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Re: Some of my poetry
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2007, 06:52:08 pm »

Thanx.  Yes, 'riches over right' I thought of. I liked the sound of those words together on that line when sung.

-  freethinker
People that spend all their time on facebook make me want to grab a nice big hard back and show their face what a real book looks like.


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Re: Some of my poetry
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2008, 09:04:44 pm »

Muse of Poetry has speaken to me.  ^_^

From the depths of my mind something tugs
A thought that something isn’t quite right
That you are but crude
And no better than that of the ancient’s thugs

That thought only spreads as I see you corrupt,
Watch you play Chess with the people,
Play Risk with the world

Is it then really so strange,
For you to note?

My discontent,
My silence broken,
My lips, finally saying no?

Just let me be free
Avert your eyes from me please
You’ve no right to be,
Lording over me

The time has passed I’ve been content
The time has passed I’m silent with this
The time has passed I agree without question

But you won’t let go,
To allow, weakness
You try to win me back,
Or just hold me firm

You tried…

I won’t run,
I won’t hide,
I’ll stand for my thought
I’ll fight for it, though I might be alone

For those around me seem to see no lie
See nothing amiss in the world around
As I was, they still are
And as I did when times are cruel,
There’s nothing from them but a sigh

And so I am
Alone and free to look in your eyes with calm,
Alone to stare you down, to make you blink
Uncomfort even for you to know,
That what you do is wrong

But won’t it be we’ll never meet?
That you stand afar like you are,
As you are, just a vast machine

No eyes to meet, cold empty sight
And you stand afar,
So far up from us all,
That you’ll never doubt,
That whatever you do, what you do is right

-  freethinker
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People that spend all their time on facebook make me want to grab a nice big hard back and show their face what a real book looks like.
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