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Author Topic: TSA forces woman to remove nipple rings to board flight  (Read 6599 times)


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Re: TSA forces woman to remove nipple rings to board flight
« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2008, 01:12:48 pm »

Well the fact is, is that in this bastion of freedom liberty and justice.....the government of this country is both comprised of and harboring some of the very worst terrorists in this world.....

Hell, if we were to judge our own government by the same standards that we judge others......our military would invade this country and slaughter government officials at any and all "liberate" the people here....

Murder, theft, extortion, kidnapping, enslavement......color of law or not, these are all still crimes against humanity....

Ya''s almost funny in some sardonic manner that government makes all these "because we said so" laws(mal prohibata?).....and then uses "acts that are inherently evil"(mal se) to enforce those laws...............
Even some cowboy and indian outlaws in the 1800's eventually stopped sleeping under buffalo skins, and came to town to entertain paying customers. For some I imagine the bruising of their ego never healed.

We all have some scar tissue that never lets us completely forget the intent of the adventure.
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