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Author Topic: Taliban highlights militants' mobile tracking fear  (Read 2362 times)

byron mc

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Taliban highlights militants' mobile tracking fear
« on: February 28, 2008, 03:21:48 pm »

"Common sense would dictate: turn your phone off and it's OK," he told Reuters. "I have a feeling they're not really in tune too much with this kind of technology."

Lending support to that theory, the authors of the "security encyclopedia" admit they are unsure whether switching off the phone is enough, or whether the battery and SIM card should be removed as well. "We ask anyone who has knowledge to send us what they have, accompanied with certification from a specialized entity," it says.
Taliban highlights militants' mobile tracking fear
Feb 27, 2008

it's good we are able to keep our enemies on their toes and paranoid...

after all we must do the same if we wish to remain untrackable and leaving no record of our location.

When RFID chips with unique identification numbers become mainstream in half a dozen years or so and NFC contactless technology has global standards and NFC/RFID readers will be everywhere beaming this data to commercial and government databases to add into the datamining technology... So essentially the telecom will have your GPS signal on record as well as some commercial RFID reader placing your at a location within minutes thereby having 2 sources to corroborate your cellphone (er, ID) was there.

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