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Author Topic: The Bush administration's ever-shifting story about the need for new surveillanc  (Read 3527 times)

byron mc

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"The administration has contradicted itself even on the question of how urgently needed the FISA changes are. Last summer they were so crucial to national security that McConnell claimed pausing to debate the issue meant "some Americans are going to die." More recently, Bush has threatened to let these absolutely essential powers lapse by vetoing extension bills that do not meet his specifications."

The Bush administration's ever-shifting story about the need for new surveillance powers
February 6, 2008

big picture. 11 months to go for this administration. If they do not renew the Protect America Act and a terrorist incident occurs they will use it as leverage AGAIN to rush this legislation through on a more permanent status and erode our privacy as citizens. Hopefully there is NO incident within 50 US states and territories and this does not happen at all.
And while we're at it let's hope this are no incidents worldwide that the USA can play policeman for...


Elias Alias

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Jeez! Could we suppose that this is one example of an administration riding the back of a terrorist event to push through legislation which curtails Americans' liberty?

These guys are so blatant that I fail to see how anyone can presently doubt the agenda of the Bush-43 Administration.

"Heirs to self-knowledge shed gently their fears..."
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