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Author Topic: 11 yo ticketed for disorderly conduct for retrieving coat from restroom  (Read 1511 times)


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Ticket dismissed against ailing boy accused of skipping
"He's acting like a robot. He says every day, 'I can't be late for class.' He feels targeted because if he messes up again, the cops are going to get him. He's only 11 and these are normal fears." - William Coleman, whose 11-year-old son was issued a misdemeanor ticket while retrieving his coat from a school lavatory.

A sixth-grade student who was issued a misdemeanor criminal ticket for retrieving his coat from the bathroom at school will not have to go to court, the school superintendent says.

Eleven-year-old Cameron Coleman was issued the ticket, charging him with disorderly conduct, by a Belleville police liaison officer who accused the boy of skipping class at South Middle School on Oct. 29. The boy was ordered to appear at court Dec. 6 for a mandatory interview with a juvenile probation officer.

The blue line kicks in.

Belleville Police Chief Gene Taylor said this morning that Faull has asked the court to dismiss the ticket. Taylor defended Faull, saying the officer "would not just arbitrarily issue a ticket to a student picking up his coat."

"The resource officer is there to try to resolve problems," Taylor said. He said there likely other issues involved.

William Coleman, the boy's father, said Tuesday that he has not received any confirmation from Lazaroff, the Belleville Police Department or 34th District Court that says the case has been dismissed. Coleman said he was scheduled to meet with Lazaroff this afternoon.

"As far as I'm concerned, we still have a court date," Coleman said.

Smart father! Never assume that anything is legally binding unless it is given to you in writing.


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