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Good day folks,

As part of the moderating team's effort to reestablish trust and rapport, I've suggested and taken it upon myself to post a quick summary of items currently under discussion.  This is to let people know that we are open to suggestions, listening to you, working together, and hope to preset an accessible face to the inner workings of the forum.  To that end, here is a quick list of the items we are working on and their status.  I hope to add to these each day, except for the weekends when I don't do Internet.

While this is an open thread, I request that folk just read, not because we don't want comments, but because I'd like to keep this thread as a bulletin, and not a discussion.  Please feel free to quote any point you want to discuss into a new thread. 

Agreed means that action has been taken or is pending on the item.
Under Discussion means we are either working out details, or waiting for more input/agreement from folks not online yet.

* - Under Discussion:  Give everyone the ability to delete their own posts - not topics, just their posts
* - Agreed:  Let those that want their posts/accounts deleted to do so, or have an admin do it.
* - Agreed:  Go through the forum rules and either reconfirm them or add to them as necessary.  Post once completed for everyone to view.
* - Under Discussion:  A public invitation to past members to come back and edit or delete their old accounts without restriction.
* - Under Discussion:  A moderation log, viewable publically.
* - Agreed:  A public list of Moderators/admins with off-board contact info, aka Meet the Admins thread.
* - Discussion of Evil Twin's opinion on IP ownership.
* - Under Discussion:  Dropping all references to rank and privilege, re General and Private.
* - Agreed:  Posting of moderator minutes to keep members informed.  Daily at first, but later as appropriate.
* - Under Discussion:  Methods of consensus for moderator actions (unanimous vote required for a ban, for example).


* Further discussion of poster's delete/edit rights over their own posts.  This is quickly moving forward.
* Further discussion on IP and how it translates into actual policy.  This ties into above quite nicely, and I think we may have it close to ironed out.
* With 11 possible moderators, discussion of what consists of a consensus when some are not present.
* Initiated discussion of suggested changes to the TOS agreement, including declaration of TMM rights, Member Rights, and Member privileges, and some streamlining of verbiage.
* Initiated discussion of the archived Area X
* More Mods have posted their info in the Meet the Moderators thread.

Not move movement today.  More of the moderators are coming online and catching up to the issues that have been discussed.  Probably will be more movement come Monday.


* Latest edit of the TOS agreement submitted to mods for perusal.  I have the feeling it's almost done.
* Updated missions statement suggested.
* Agreeded Area X will stay archived.
* Ban procedure under discussion.  Currently suggested as unanimous vote result, with the vote results publicly posted.

Any discussion on what you're doing with the numerous Hardyville threads? Are they going into archives? And, if so, how do we get to them... or should we each be saving the ones that interest us?

Added on another subject: Have the Moderators all spoken -- or are there more who haven't yet signed onto the Moderator thread?


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