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Author Topic: Report on TB Quarantine in TX  (Read 1528 times)


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Report on TB Quarantine in TX
« on: August 06, 2007, 09:08:27 am »

Texas' TB lockup

John has tuberculosis — and, by his own admission, a bit of an attitude. John didn't believe the Austin doctors who first told him he had active, infectious TB. He argued with the diagnosis, then "mouthed off" to public health workers who had warned him that failure to follow TB treatment protocol would land him in involuntary quarantine. "Do it and I'll sue you," he told them defiantly.

And that's when it turned bad: The court order, police at his door, a ride in shackles down Interstate 35 to his new home at the Texas Center for Infectious Diseases on the south edge of San Antonio.

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