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Author Topic: 10 yo Canuck homeschooler makes TSA's no-fly list  (Read 1567 times)


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10 yo Canuck homeschooler makes TSA's no-fly list
« on: July 02, 2007, 08:34:34 am »

Ten-year-old temporarily grounded

But when the foursome checked in at the Air Canada counter in Ottawa for a flight to Toronto on June 8, they were told there was a security issue with 10-year-old Alistair. He was on a list, labelled as a person of interest, says Alistair's dad, Usne Butt.

"Initially it was humorous. We teased him a bit about having evil tendencies, but subsequently it became a little tedious," he said.

"He's never been to Afghanistan. He's a very sweet boy -- very polite and well-mannered."

At the check-in counter, the Air Canada agent entered Alistair's birthdate and middle names in an attempt to get clearance for Alistair to fly. She made a telephone call. Nothing worked. After about 20 minutes, the agent issued a boarding pass.

The Secretary of Der Faterland Security is probably apoplectic over this blatant ignoring of his decree.

In neither case did the Butts miss their flight, but they are concerned about future travel plans.

"I'm thinking about going on a trip with my grandparents somewhere far away, to Egypt or something, maybe this year, maybe next year. If I do, I'll need my name off the list," said Alistair, a home-school student who just completed Grade 4.

Angela Mah, Air Canada's spokesperson, would not confirm if the airline is using the U.S. list, nor will the company tell the Butts who compiled the list that includes Alistair's name.

"We cannot provide information about the list or names on the list because that breaches security," Mah said in an interview from Vancouver.

The possibility that their son is on the American no-fly list is even more troubling for the family.

The only people who are going to be punished by this is the innocent because every time Alistair goes to an airport, he's guilty until proven innocent," said his mom, Trisha Layton.

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