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Author Topic: CT: Pulling kids out of school = automatic DCF referral  (Read 1770 times)


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CT: Pulling kids out of school = automatic DCF referral
« on: July 02, 2007, 08:22:38 am »

The Price of Going it Alone
Parents who pull their children out of school to homeschool are automatically referred to DCF for investigation

Mixed messages are maddening in any context, especially when you fear they might cost you your kids. Homeschooling parents throughout the state claim they're learning this the hard way, as schools — following a possibly unofficial directive from the state Board of Education — report parents to the Department of Children and Families after the parents withdrew their kids from public school.

"I wanted to keep Jessie's medical issues private & so kids wouldn't tease her," Canfield said. Therefore, after she discussed her daughter's health concerns with the school nurse, she sealed the files so nobody else in the school had access to the records.

Then Jessie got sick and missed several days of school. Though she had a doctor's note when she returned, her mother says, "The school wanted me to sign releases letting them see all the records [and] talk to Jessie's doctors [or] they wouldn't let her back in school."

So Canfield pulled Jessie out for homeschooling, and DCF appeared on her doorstep the next day. The investigation dragged on for several weeks, and DCF substantiated the claims of neglect against Canfield.

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Re: CT: Pulling kids out of school = automatic DCF referral
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2007, 02:09:10 pm »

If the schools are assuming this all powerful position of being the first defense against child abuse, what about the first 5-6 years when children are not in school? Are we headed down a road of mandatory home visits by 'authorities' because we are stay at home moms? Don't forget after school hours, weekends, Christmas and summer breaks for school age kids too! All those hours when kids are around their families and unmonitored(gasp!) Maybe just to be safe, we should hand the kids over at birth to the government to raise.



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Re: CT: Pulling kids out of school = automatic DCF referral
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2007, 03:29:02 pm »

From the above:

"Granted, the schools can't point to a specific law and say 'Here's where it says you have to do this,' but neither can the parents respond 'Here's where it says I don't.' "

Anything not specifically authorized is forbidden?

"In Connecticut's general statutes, section 10-184 deals with parents' responsibility to make sure their kids are educated, either by sending them to public school or showing 'that the child is elsewhere receiving equivalent instruction.' "

Equivalent-- Ensure that my kid is as poorly educated?

Of course, this is Connecticut.

In any case, this is the trend. They own your children, just as they own you and everything else. "Nice little slave. No need to complain. You get to vote for a new slavemaster every few years."
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