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Author Topic: Network Printing...  (Read 1307 times)


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Network Printing...
« on: June 26, 2004, 07:50:21 am »

I have this huge home network (2 computers).  On the first computer, I have WindozeXP.  On the second computer, I dual boot Windoze2000 & Linux (Mandrake 9.1).  I have a Canon S520 printer on the first computer.  

I hit the Net & found some info on setting up a Canon S520 to print (though the info was sort of vague), but it seems that it was for direct connection, not networked.  

I connected to the printer using CUPS & seem to be able to communicate a bit with it (i.e., when I send a print job, the printer will turn itself on), but it will not actually print the document, regardless of form (plain text or Open Office doc are the two I tried).  

Any suggestions?  


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