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Author Topic: which antibiotic for a particular condition?  (Read 1735 times)


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which antibiotic for a particular condition?
« on: October 20, 2006, 07:02:46 pm »

(taken from a post by dinkypi)

 Re: which Antibiotic for a particular condition?? Meds

*Amoxicillin (Trimox)

Broad-spectrum synthetic penicillin, an antibacterial agent effective against both gram-positive organisms and gram negative pathogens. Easily absorbed without regard to food. Used to treat pneumonia, upper respiratory illness including common influenza, strep infection, ear infection, venereal disease, urinary infection and some skin staph infections.

Peak blood serum level is reached within one to two hours of administration.

Side effects: Anaphylactic shock requiring drastic recovery measures, gastrointestinal upset, skin rash.


Dosage: 250mg X 3 per diem

Ceclor: Generally the same as above. A semi-synthetic, more effective on the above illnesses - also includes lower respiratory infection.

Same penicillin warning applies as above.

Dosage: 250mg X 3 per diem

*Ampicillin: Same as above. Treats a broader spectrum of the above illnesses. Use if immediate improvement is not evidenced by treatment with the above meds.

Same penicillin warning applies. Same dosage as above.

*Penicillin: Generally the same, used to treat moderate to severe upper respiratory infection, skin and soft tissue infections, scarlet fever. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE TREATMENT OF VENEREAL DISEASES.

Observe caution about anaphylactic shock. Do not give if there is a history of reaction. Same dosage as above.

*Cephalexin: (Keflex)

Generally as above. Use for both strep and staph infection, genitourinary tract infection, including prostate infection, staph caused bone infection.

Use with caution in patients with penicillin reaction. Same dosage as above.


Use in treatment of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, typhus, conjunctivitis, respiratory disease. Use when penicillin-type drugs cannot be used. DO NOT USE ON PREGNANT WOMEN OR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 8 YEARS. Tetracycline causes discoloration of the teeth. SHELF LIFE 2 YEARS. Same dosage as above
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