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Author Topic: Me and lots of electronic junk...  (Read 2507 times)

Roy J. Tellason

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Me and lots of electronic junk...
« on: August 10, 2006, 02:13:40 am »

So I've been messing with this stuff for a LONG time...

Lots of times you only need some vague idea of what you have,  and it'll still work.  The more complicated whatever it is you're messing with,  the more you need to know about what parts you might or might not be able to use in it,  and when we're talking about anything within the past 4-5 decades things have gotten awfully complicated.

It used to be that I'd do my best to get my hands on "databooks".  This was a problem,  as they weren't exactly easy to get a hold of,  and it usually involved convincing some company that you were in a position to "specify" their parts and influence the decision by some BigCorp to buy a lot of them.  Or you had to know somebody,  or be a fairly good BS artist.  Or some combination of this stuff...

I never bought a lot of parts,  though there were some.  I scrounge more often,  and salvage,  and so forth.  As stated on one of my pages:

One man's junk is another man's treasure is what they say. I collect a lot of old electronics, and scrap a fair amount of it for parts. And sometimes even put some of it to good use, like the old 486 box that's currently acting as a firewall/router here. Who wants a 486 these days? Well, one guy I've just been swapping a bit of email with that's going to be running TurboCNC on it to control some machinery, for example. I've sent him an older, smaller hard drive that most people wouldn't even bother with these days. (And I have some 486 boards and such if anybody's interested.)

To quote Bruce Lane as found here:

    "As far as I'm concerned, an item does not truly reach obsolescence until it is no longer useful to anyone, anywhere, any time, for any purpose."

Works for me! :-)

So anyway,  I got 'net-connected a while back,  and found much to my delight that a lot of the info on a lot of this "stuff" was out there!  And I started collecting that info.  And then after I'd got a fair pile of it on hand,  I had to do something to organize it. And then there were times when I wanted to be able to say compare this part with that part and see which might be a better choice for some particular application,  and things just continued to grow from there.

My last provider offered a measly 5MB of web space,  so I put some of these charts I'd made up there.  And darned if folks didn't find them useful!  And a while later on I saw a post by a guy who runs an ISP who said that he'd offer space for things that fit roughly into the category of "classic computers" (a mailing list that I'm on and one with many enthusiasts) so I wrote him, pointed him at what I'd done so far,  and he okayed it.  This resulted in a bit of an upgrade to what I'd been doing,  the major one being that the links in those charts I made,  the links that pointed to all of that data that I've been collecting,  now work.  :-)

So far this amounts to somewhere around 2G or so of material.  And it's only a start.  I have some more things in mind and some more stuff in process.

Mainly I'm into electronics,  but at some point other,  perhaps mechanical,  items will also be included,  whenever I can find stuff that's fairly well standardized.  I'm thinking batteries (of all types) might be a good candidate,  for one example.  Technical books,  especially old tech,  are another one (and while I've got a good collection of that stuff started additions to it are always welcomed).

Oh,  and I guess maybe some folks do find this stuff somewhat useful -- my hit counter passed the 20,000 mark this past week.  Which ain't bad at all,  considering it's a noncommercial site with no real promotion going on except for the occasional mention in some mailing lists when I do a large upgrade,  every so many months.

So if any of you folks find this to be of interest,  you can check it out here.

Not "creative" in the usual sense,  but it keeps me busy!  :-)
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Re: Me and lots of electronic junk...
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2006, 07:56:08 pm »

Dude, 2 gigs of data, that is a lotta data!  Damn cool  :mellow:
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