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Title: I knew gov't employees didn't have the ability to use reason
Post by: mouse on August 26, 2016, 09:12:15 pm
This news item is truly horrifying.  A search warrant is not mentioned anywhere here, I presume that had one .  Is one even needed any more or do threats of violence suffice?  That accepted in court too?

Also, we must remember (well I thought so anyway, I guess I could be wrong) that a "warrant" didn't entitle the police to wreck everything in the house, strew clothing everywhere, slash open mattresses and dump food on the floor.  Do police have a special entitlement to destroy other peoples' things?

For eight years, Rajuawn Middleton, an assistant at a major downtown law firm, lived in a four-bedroom, red-brick home she rented on a quiet, tree-lined street in Northeast Washington — until she was forced out over a few cigarettes containing a “green leafy substance.”