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Title: News/Research on Vaccines
Post by: MeyerLemon on April 26, 2012, 11:46:15 pm
There are lots of threads on this spread everywhere, so this is my attempt to consolidate some of the most current information. I absolutely appreciate the advice from MamaLiberty and others regarding this - my Dr. has been pushing me to get the TDaP booster before I go to Italy and/or get pregnant, and when I told him I vaguely remember something about reacting badly to pertussis as a kid, he said "plan to stay an hour and bring an epi pen?" No thanks, I think I'll be ok. I've decided against the TDaP and any other vaccines (I was vaccinated against everything as a kid, MMR, TD (without the P), Polio, Hep B, and actually had chicken pox. Thank goodness my pediatrician was big on spreading out vaccinations. Probably one of the last "common sense country doctors" in California.

I also have several pregnant friends, and I have been advocating splitting vaccines and spreading them farther apart. Come to find out, it is really tough to 1) even get the separate vaccines in the US and 2) get your insurance to cover it that way. I had a discussion with that about both my general Dr. and my ob/gyn, and both are supportive of signing off on wherever I have to order it from when I get around to having kids. Even then, it will be a heavily researched and carefully weighed decision. My kid will probably not get anything having to do with chicken pox ever, and won't get the rest of them until much later - and not all at the same time. Certainly not "at birth" as some of these guidelines are recommending.

I also heard some really interesting misinformation from my neighbor the other day. Her son is pretty much allergic to everything - gluten, peanuts, some other nuts, cocoa, and dairy. He's 5! We were talking and I said, "oh, someone pointed me to an article about some vaccines using a peanut derivative in the suspension because long ago they found peanut makes penicillin last longer, but it is still used and injecting peanuts directly into the bloodstream at a young age (thus bypassing they digestive system) can cause problems."

She literally said to me, "no, our allergist said peanut oil is ok." She didn't even process what I was saying! I also saw a news article regarding some conference on autism, and they actually reported "researchers still can't really pinpoint a cause for the rise in autism." Really? It just seems to me like only one major thing has changed in infant care in the past 15 years, and that is the bombardment of vaccines.

So anyway. I'd like to track what people see this year and in the future, and I'd also like to find some more recent research. I can hope, right?
Title: Re: News/Research on Vaccines
Post by: MamaLiberty on April 27, 2012, 06:53:01 am
You can hope. :) Keep working on it. And if necessary, forget the damned "insurance." It is worth every cent you might pay out of pocket not to saddle your little one with a lifetime of immune system dysfunction. Go for i! And if I can help, just let me know.