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Title: NPMSRP National Police Misconduct Statistical Report
Post by: MamaLiberty on July 23, 2010, 10:40:28 am
I'm going to sticky this so we can have a ready reference. Visit this site often and help support it if you can. I'll update this thread with the new quarterly reports as they are published. The 2nd quarter 2010 report is below the introduction here.

PLEASE let's start new threads to discuss any of this material! I'm going to lock this thread so it won't get off track. Thanks

Injustice Everywhere - National Police Misconduct


The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP) was started in March of 2009 as a method of recording and analyzing police misconduct in the United States through the utilization of news media reports to generate statistical and trending information about police misconduct in the United States.

As part of this project, credible reported incidents of misconduct are aggregated into a publicly available news feed and then added into an off-line database where duplicate entries and updates are removed and remaining unique stories are categorized for the statistical information which is presented in this report.

While the use of news reports to generate statistical data may seem strange, keep in mind that police departments do not normally release any detailed information about disciplinary matters, and sometimes they don’t release any information at all. The use of court records by themselves would only garner information about misconduct cases that were successfully prosecuted and would miss confidential settlements and cases of misconduct that were not prosecuted but did result in internal disciplinary action. Therefore, the use of media reports, while not perfect, represents the most efficient method of data gathering available at this time.

It should also be noted that the use of media reports acts as a filter that limits the number of outwardly questionable allegations of misconduct, but that this may also increase risks of under-reporting due to laws that limit the amount of information law enforcement agencies report to the press. Therefore, if anything, the resulting statistics we publish should be considered as a low-end estimate of the current rate of police misconduct in the United States and for any locality we cite.

Additionally, In order to allow for accurate comparisons between this project’s statistics and the US DOJ/FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics, it should be noted that this project utilizes the same methodology federal government uses to generate crime rate statistics by way of a hierarchical reporting system that only records the most serious allegation when more than one allegation is associated with an singular alleged incident of misconduct. It should also be noted that both the federal government crime statistics and the NPMSRP statistical reports are based on a combination of alleged and confirmed activity, not just convictions.

2010 Q2 NPMSRP National Police Misconduct Statistical Report
By David Packman, on July 18th, 2010
Title: Re: NPMSRP National Police Misconduct Statistical Report
Post by: MamaLiberty on May 17, 2012, 09:17:25 am
By David, on May 17th, 2012

Until recently I was somewhat undecided about whether or not to post a final message to everyone given the strong emotions so many of our readers had to my decision to hand over this project to someone else and how that went askew. However, I do feel the need to talk about a few things before I say goodbye to everyone.


After consulting with some of my very first supporters, people I deeply respected, and examining the issue carefully, I decided to hand the project over to Cato. They have a solid reputation, are well funded, and understand the spirit behind this project. They have teams of people who will contribute and who understand the need to keep this project free of angry rhetoric and bias. They really do offer the best chance for this project to continue in a more sustainable way and to grow even better than I could have made it.
Title: Re: NPMSRP National Police Misconduct Statistical Report
Post by: MamaLiberty on June 04, 2012, 08:31:27 am
Cato has taken over this important function here:

Thanks, mutti!