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Title: No name story
Post by: scrachline on August 09, 2006, 11:25:35 pm
Had a good chuckle from dewitt comments - Have'nt written anything yet and I got dinged ,  good - wheeeee - I'm gonna post the cover for the story before i jump in and start - It will take about 4 chapters to lay the groundwork.  So bear with me - If i get too much screaming to get off the air I know its a loser -

     The only parking available was about 450 yards from the eastern side of the USAF Research and Development building.  He knew why parking was available because of the long walking distance to the front entrance.  So, he parked the heavily laden vehicle on the mostly empty corner of the lot and removed the key from the ignition - His mind, on other things as he casually glanced, through the reddish yellow rays of the setting sun, at the large gray oblong building he was returning too.  Something was odd - There was an blurry iridescent hue radiating, in bright multi-colored pulsating bursts, from and around the structure.  The image he was receiving and processing gave him the impression that the building was visually out of sync.  It was as if one were looking through a pair of, slightly out of focus, gently shaking binoculars.  As he continued to look at the building he tried to fathom what sort of electrical or magnetic field would cause this type of phenomonem.  He decided to exit the motor home for a  closer look

     His fingers had just touched the door handle when the building exploded outwards with devastating force.  He instinctively threw his hands up in front of his face, to stop the hurtling chunks of cement, and large pieces of bent, and broken steel, that were traveling at jet like speed towards the windshield.  The thought, " Oh Shit, I'm Dead," flashed through his mind.  But in that infinitesimal instant, before the debris crashed into the windshield.  Captain Clark, his vehicle, and a large area of parking lot asphalt, the vehicle was sitting on, vanished"

     One minute later, Clark asked himself - "What in Hell happened?"
Title: Re: No name story
Post by: Claire on August 09, 2006, 11:32:24 pm
Hey, I like it so far ...

You don't mess around one bit, do you? No waiting for the action. Just -- Boom! This reader's definitely with you.

Title: Re: No name story
Post by: scrachline on September 13, 2006, 04:44:23 pm
see no name story1 for continuance -